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"Deep Into Dusk" 

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In this second installment of the pulse-pounding series, Detective Gabriel McRay is once again forced to face his inner demons.  From the enclaves of the super rich to the kinky underbelly of Los Angeles, women are turning up dead and Gabriel is determined to hunt down the killer.  His one and only witness is the beautiful Tara Samuels.  Blinded by his own sympathy and desire for Tara, Gabriel soon realizes Tara is not the fragile victim he thinks she is, and McRay must find the sadistic killer before he loses not only his career, but also his sanity and his life.


Detective Gabriel McRay returns to investigate a case of strangled female victims in the second installment in Stevens’ thriller series.

Tara Samuels is assaulted by a masked man but narrowly escapes with her life. She leads cops to a woman’s body, nearly decapitated with baling wire. Detective McRay, who’s on the outs with his girlfriend, medical examiner Dr. Ming Li, is drawn to Tara, despite her being a witness in an open case and a married woman. Meanwhile, more bodies with the same M.O. have been discovered, and an elusive killer is seeking new victims. Stevens’ (The Dark Before Dawn, 2011) novel is an enticing murder mystery with an unorthodox protagonist. Gabriel, particularly in his relationship with Tara, isn’t a typical hero in the role of protector; he empathizes with those who’ve suffered abuse, having been repeatedly molested by a neighborhood boy when he was seven. He’s a flawed character, one who was fired for police brutality and

who’s constantly besieged by his own anger, but his ability to relate to victims will earn readers’ support. Stevens delights in playing with conventions set forth by past detective novels as the plot delves into the S&M world. The mystery of identifying the sadistic murderer stays in the foreground without being overrun by subplots. Stevens doles out several especially disconcerting moments, including an unexpected late-night visit to Gabriel’s apartment from a disturbed Tara and Gabriel’s attempt to speak with his estranged parents, whom he evidently blames for either not stopping or being unaware of the molestation he endured as a child. There are numerous references to the preceding novel in the series, but Gabriel and Ming are still reeling from the prior case, so it’s neither redundant nor a retread.

Respects the old-school murder mystery while showcasing contemporary characters.


Given 4 1/2 Stars by Indie Reader

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"DEEP INTO DUSK is a gritty, powerful book that is full of both external and internal action, and well deserves a read."  
Reviewed by Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader 

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The Dark Before Dawn

Excerpts from the Kirkus Review:

"Stevens sets the stage for graphic sensory details and a fast-paced, tantalizing mystery that utilizes her passion and research in forensics and psychology."

"Readers will relate to the San Francisco and Los Angeles settings, and Stevens’ allusions to “Cask of Amontillado” and Frankenstein craft a story immersed in theater, disguise and secrecy."

"Memorable characters, macabre scenes and a dazzling portrayal of reality will leave readers anxious for book two in the Gabriel McRay series."

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Last Exit to Murder
A Murder Mystery Anthology
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new short story

Kill Joy 

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BEST OF 2011

Grisly murders are taking place high in the Santa Monica Mountains.  On each of the victim’s bodies is a note left for the L.A. Sheriff detective, Gabriel McRay.  The killer’s identity is locked in the suppressed memory of a horrifying trauma from Gabriel’s own childhood.  Teamed with his forensic pathologist girlfriend and his psychiatrist, Gabriel runs two parallel investigations, the first; a dark journey into the terrifying recollections of his past and the second; the hunt for a serial killer who seems to know more about Gabriel than he knows himself. 




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